RuckPack Shots

Hello there! I know this isn’t beauty related but I would like to share a wonderful with you that supports the men and women who fight for this country. It was RuckPack shots and they’re meant you give you sustainable energy without having to reach for a Monster or Coffee.  Because they are considered Combat Nutrition. I think these are pretty strong so I only drink half a bottle when I need an extra boost.  Here is a little background on the brand.

Originally founded by Marine Special Operations Forces in the battlefields of Afghanistan, RuckPack, Inc. is owned and operated by military veterans and service members. RuckPack® remains committed to their military roots, and everything RuckPack® offers is designed primarily with the warfighter in mind. Because of this, we at RuckPack® will always be sure to use the safest and most well studied and proven ingredients available. RuckPack® is made in the USA and is committed to giving 10% of profits back to charity.

While we do strive to bring healthy nutritional supplementation to the mainstream by competing with traditional caffeine-based energy products, we do not load our products with caffeine and synthetic stimulants to jar the senses. We deliver performance fuels designed to keep the consumer alert, focused, and energized for any and every battle they might face. The warfighter on the front lines needs to stay cool, alert, driven, and physically ready to ramp up when needed. Our performance fuels represent this matured energy. We focus on top quality, safe, and well-researched ingredients that deliver the right kind of energy, while simultaneously decreasing unnecessary stress levels faced by the mind and body. Our performance fuels emphasize the importance of fit bodies and strong minds alike. This is why we incorporate nootropic support at every avenue.

Nootropics are ingredients that provide the brain with the fuel it needs to operate at maximum capacity. They not only boost cognitive functioning, but also support mind-muscle communication and promote agility in the face of fatigue. We urge consumers to learn more about what they are putting in their body. Educated consumers are conscientious consumers, and conscientious consumers pick RuckPack®

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