Lavande linen spray

Do you like to feel relaxed when you come home after a long day at work? We all do. Essential oils can help us feel relaxed. Lavender is known for this. Its distinct smell is known to help you feel calm when you’re feeling stressed, that’s why it’s one of my favorite essential oils to have around. And what better way to enjoy this amazing scent than with a linen spray. Spray it on your sheets, pillow or couches for instant relaxation. Lavande linen spray is my go to spray for this. This concentrated spray puts your whole body at ease the second you spray it. I love to use it after I wake up to put me in a good mood while I’m getting ready for work, and I love spraying it right at night to help me relax when I’m ready to go to bed. Lavande farm also has other amazing lavender based products, including Body lotions, Teas, and lip balms.


You can check out their full selection HERE

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