SleepSwag eye masks

Get your SleepSwag on! Let me get personal for a minute. I’m a horrible sleeper. It takes me hours to fall asleep and the slightest sound will wake me up. My room has to be completely dark and I need to have white noise on the entire night. Sometime I wish I could be what I call a “normal” person and fall asleep when I’m asleep. But I never be and I learned to accept it. I need a little bit of help in my sleep journey. It’s not in the form of sleeping pills or a hot bath, but in the form of an Eye Mask! Every night that I wear an eye mask, is a successful night of not waking up every couple hours. They keep light out, so my eyes stay shut. A hallway light or the rising sun won’t make me up. I’m refreshed in the morning and feel great the rest of the day.

This is why I am so so so happy I found SleepSwag eye masks. They are handmade, luxury eye masks that not only look great, but do what they’re meant to do. Which is keep me asleep! the straps are one size fits all so they don’t cause any pressure in the back of your head like other masks do with adjustable straps. The silky fabric don’t cause any eye irritation which I love because I wear heavy eye cream to sleep. Other masks are too tight and can sometimes cause the products to get into my eye. Not these! I love all the different designs they have to offer and there’s a design for everyone. They sent me the dream catcher mask which is simple but stands out. So many designs to choose from!





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