Finness Hair Care

Does this drug store hair care brand stand up against salon brands? Keep reading to hear what I think. I would first like to mention that I received these products in exchange for an honest review. Brand Bracker was kind enough to send me both the shampoo and conditioner and here is a some information on the products.

Get hair that’s healthier, stronger, and more alive with Finesse®.

Finesse® Restore + Strengthen Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

• Infused with active proteins, Finesse® Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner help restore and strengthen hair that is dry, damaged, stubborn, or sometimes frizzy. The active silk and soy proteins penetrate deep into the hair shaft, leaving your hair more moisturized and manageable. Your hair will feel clean and silky soft, while being easier to detangle and easier to style.

• Featuring Finesse’ cult-favorite clean, fresh scent

• SRP: $3.99 each (and only $1.99 at Walmart)

• Available at: Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, and grocery chains such as Kroger, Shoprite, HEB, and Publix


I want to remind everyone that these are extremely moisturizing and I don’t recommend it for people with fine limp hair like me. If you are on a budget and need something to manage your thick damaged hair, this might be good for you.

The consistency was very thin and watery. I’m not used to that. So a little bit goes a long way. I always do two shampoos so use very little for each wash or you will be rinsing for a long time. The conditioner was also watery. Make sure you only apply it mid to ends as it will weigh your hair down. Leave it on for a couple minutes and then rinse off. I let my hair airdry and didn’t put any product in. I was able to comb it easily and my hair felt very very very soft. Not something I am personally looking for, but remember, I said earlier this isn’t a shampoo for my hair type. The best part about it is that it felt soft without leaving a film on it.

Verdict: good starter/ inexpensive shampoo or conditioner for people who can’t afford the salon brands.


purchase yours here:


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