MD Scalp Essential

Have dry, flaky, irritated scalp like I do? Keep reading and check out this amazing product MD Scalp Essential.

What is it?

Anti-aging solution to control itchiness, irritation, dandruff, flakes, and mild hair loss on the scalp. (Can also be used as an acne treatment to help control excess oil on the face.)

Who is it for?

  • Women and men with hair loss or thinning hair
  • Hair loss from stress, diet, over-processed hair, childbirth, and menopause
  • Anyone with concerns about dry/itchy/irritated/flaky scalp
  • Anyone looking for an alternative to dry shampoo
  • Great for anyone with extensions, weaves, and color-treated hair

The Results?

  • Scalp is instantly calmed, soothed, refreshed, and cleansed
  • Hair is less greasy
  • Less hair noticed falling out during brushing and washing
  • Fuller, thicker, healthier-looking hair

How does it work?

  • Protects scalp and hair from inflammation and environmental damage
  • Helps to keep follicles clear and clean to prevent overgrowth of bacteria and fungus.

    Clear healthy follicles help encourage healthy hair growth

  • Addresses excess DHT on the scalp – hormone that causes hair los

                    o Addresses Type I and Type II of the DHT-converting enzymes. (Enzymes can convert testosterone on the scalp into dihydrotestosterone (DHT)).

o Testosterone naturally exists on the scalp. When it is converted to DHT, it is a primary cause of hair loss.


Key Ingredients

Lilac extract: Addresses excess DHT
o Plant stem-cell derived for extra potency and purity
o Very high anti-oxidant value (ORAC = 28,000 units) protects against

environmental causes of aging
o ORAC = Oxygen radical absorbance capacity. For comparison: Wild

blueberries = 260 units, Fresh acai fruit: 185 units

Mandelic acid: Reduces itchiness caused by bacteria/fungus o Derived from almonds
o Unclogs scalp congestion to leave scalp feeling

fresh and clean and to encourage healthy hair growth.


How do you use it?

For itchiness, irritation, dandruff, flakes, hair loss on the scalp:
o Apply one dropper-full to the scalp each day for 1-2 weeks, or until

symptoms have improved. Massage the solution into the scalp. Once symptoms have improved, apply the product once or twice a week for maintenance.

As an alternative to dry shampoo:
o In between shampoos, apply one dropper-full to the scalp. Massage the

solution into the scalp. Style hair as normal. As an acne treatment for the face:

o After cleansing and toning the face, apply a small amount to the skin. Use in the morning and in the evening. Follow with an appropriate moisturizer for acne.


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