Valentia Fresh Mist Calming Toner

Valentia Fresh Mist Calming Toner – A skin soothing elixir that rehydrates and refreshes, while balancing natural pH and shrinking pores.This Calming Toner Will:
– Balance pH level
– Shrinks enlarged pores
– Seals in moisture
– Banishes impurities
– Refreshes stressed skin

Specially selected ingredients work together to achieve optimum results.– Nano Structured Water: Balances skin’s pH level and clears away unwanted impurities.
– Witch Hazel: Minimizes enlarged pores and seals in skin moisture.
– Vitamin C: Refreshes stressed skin and provides protection against damaging free-radicals.
– ALA + AHA: Supports skin cell renewal and calms facial redness.
– Tea Tree Oil: Keeps skin clear of unsightly sports and blemishes.




This spray feels amazing! I love spraying it right when I wake up, after I take a shower, After I work out, almost anytime I can! I love to keep it in my purse because its been getting hotter here in Los Angeles and I love using it to refresh my face.

It can also be used as a makeup setter! Two in one!





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