Maaz hair care

MAAZ Products

Every once in a while I like to spoil my hair with a luxurious experience. I can’t use heavy shampoos on a daily basis because I no longer highlight my hair or its very fine. I stopped using rinse out conditioner and only use volumizing and strengthening shampoos when I wash my hair. I am guilty of blow drying my hair almost every day so every once in a while, It needs some TLC.MAAZ Products, Inc. is a luxurious sulfate, alcohol and paraben free hair line that I discovered at my work. The Shampoo and Conditioner is infused with Mulberry oil and leaves your hair silky soft without weighing it down. This is a must for people with thick color treated hair and people who mechanically style their hair on a daily basis.

The mask contains a form of keratin and makes an amazing once a week treatment for all hair types.

The smoothing balm is great for frizzy and curly hair, especially for those who like to air dry. Also great as a heat styling prep. Creates a flawless blowout and gives a sleek look when the hair is flat ironed.

The luxury oil contains mulberry, kalahari, coconut, and argan oil and is a great every day oil treatment. Can also be cocktailed with the smoothing balm or mask for an extra treatment.

You can purchase MAAZ Products, Inc. here.

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