Exuviance – Gentle Cleansing Creme

One of the cons of living in Los Angeles, is the dry weather, due to the city pretty much being a desert. When I look in the mirror, I can’t tell what my skin is, oily throughout the day, yet patches of dry skin everywhere. This is one of the side effects of living here, dried out confused skin. Its hard finding the right cleanser that makes my skin feel clean without feeling dry. If my cleanser is too milky, it feels like the oils I produced weren’t washed away, making me feel gross. If my cleanser has too much Glycolic, My face feels dry and tight, and if I don’t moisturize, patches of dead skin will show up everywhere, especially on my forehead, yuck.

I had to find something in between, one that would remove impurities and makeup, without drying me out. I like to use a stronger cleanser at night to remove all the dirt that built up my face throughout the day, and I like to use a gentle one in the morning to keep some of the hydration my moisturizer left over, while still removing any impurity I could have ended up with in my sleep. I also need it to be compatible with my Clarisonic, something I spent a lot of money on and use every other day. I use the sensitive head which is soft enough for everyday use, even for people who develop redness very quickly. During my search I came across the Exuviance – Gentle Cleansing Creme, and thanks to the brand and brandbacker, I was given a chance to try it out in exchange for an honest unbiased review! Not only does it work perfectly with my clarisonic, but it became a staple in my skin care routine, replacing my purity cleanser from Philosophy that I like to use in the morning.

Quick overview on the product: It is 7.2 ounces and cost $32, so you are getting a lot of product for your money, as this will last you at least six months, keyword, At Least. It is soap free, dermatologist and allergy tested! It is perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive. It gently cleans away makeup and impurities without altering your skins natural moisture balance, or PH, and it improves skin texture with the help of anti aging ingredient Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA). If your skin is very skin, you can wipe the product off with a tissue instead of water, to leave some of the moisture from the skin to penetrate into your skin.

*Because at my work, I get a lot of questions regarding weather a certain line animal tests, I would like to state now that this is not tested on animals and it was made in the United States.

I first used the gentle cleansing creme with my Clarisonic in the shower and the results were better than I expected. My face was brighter and smoother, and when I wiped my face with some toner, I saw no residue on the cotton pad. I tried it again with just my hands and the results were still the same, only my face felt more hydrated because it wasn’t being scrubbed. It is now my go cleanser in the morning because it creates a perfect base for my makeup. I haven’t tried it yet for removing makeup, just because I am used to using an oil cleanser or cleansing water to wipe it off. This process, by the way, actually helps your cleanser work more efficiently because there isn’t a layer of residue in the way.

Visit www.exuviance.com to get your own cleanser or try out one of their other amazing products! Don’t forget to also follow them on twitter!

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