Why cleansing your face is important

I know this isn’t cute to look at but This is proof that our faces collect dirt thought out the day and the wrong moisturizer can attract it even more! I decided to not put anything on my face this morning on my way to church, but on the way to church I looked in my mirror and saw how dried and cracked my face look, I remembered I had moisturizing cream in my purse and decided to put it all over. It never penetrated into my skin and I was out all day with my mom in different places. I used my @rodialskincare Dragons Blood cleansing water and noticed how dirty the cotton pad looked right away. The combination of the wrong moisturizer and my environment made my face a dirt trap and is a perfect example of why you need to was your face every night, ESPECIALLY when you’re wearing makeup. The more dirt buildup, the more clogged pores which will lead to breakouts.

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