Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

I love serums. Sometimes I feel they are actually more important than moisturizers, just because the penetrate the skin, instead of laying right on top of it. I say sometimes, because not all serums will workout for you, as all of us have different skin conditions.

I recently got an opportunity to try out the Royal Rose Serum from Valentia, which contains rose oils, and vitamins to fell nourish and moisturize the face. I love using this in the morning, which just my eye cream, because it brightens out my face and makes me look refreshed. I did notice that I would break out on my chin after using it, so I now just apply it to the areas that don’t produce as much oil. Other than that, I love it! and will continue to use it in my skin care routine day and night.

To try it out for yourself, CLICK HERE

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