Chomps snack sticks

It’s time you stop snapping into a Slim Jim and start Chomping into a Chomp Stick.
Made from 100% New Zealand Grass Fed Beef, these snack sticks contain no artificial ingredients and no preservatives, but taste amazing! These are great for people in a paleo or crossfit lifestyle and a healthy snack for kids and before or after a workout.

I was given the opportunity recently to try out all these flavors of these snacks, and let me tell you, I highly approve. My first stick I tried somehow ended up being the spicy one, and I wasn’t a huge fan of it because it was way to spicy for my taste. The other two flavors though were really good though.

I love that I can throw one of these into my purse and use it as a quick pick me up at work, or use it as fuel for my workout. And they are way healthier than a Slim Jim will ever be.

If you want to try some out for yourself, CLICK HERE.

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