Slim Soul by Jillian Michaels 

I found this @slimsoulbyjillian at my local Ralph’s and have been buying them for lunch at work for the past two weeks. I have some digestive issues, so I don’t like eating a lot at work because 95% of what I eat makes me sick after lunch. Not only does my stomach agree on everything in this box, but it fills me up! And it’s only $5!! I spend a lot more than that when I forget a lunch. This box contains seasoned chicken, whole wheat pita, hummus, celery, carrots and edamame(which I never eat). The whole package is 460 calories but because it’s filled with protein, it’s very filling. They have more boxes which I’ll try soon but this is my go to. 

One thought on “Slim Soul by Jillian Michaels 

  1. I buy the Protein box and love everything in it. The only drawback is the amount of CARBS – 40g!!! So I don’t eat the pita bread.


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