New Decemeber beauty products. 

So this year I get to try out a lot of new goodies. One thing Iam continuing to use though is the Anastasia Beverly Hills “eyebrow enchancing serum” which is enriched with peptides to give the eyebrows a fuller and healthier appearance. I started using this twice a day on Nov.16 of this year, and when I did a comparison photo this week which would make it three weeks, I did not see a difference. No new hair growth and they don’t fuller. Since I did buy it, I’m going to continue using it till the product is gone and hopefully I would have seen a little bit of a difference.

I’m changing up my day time Eye Cream this month too. I got the Rodial “glamtox eye” a few months ago even though I knew it was being discontinued, because I love to try everything once, especially eye creams. Rodial is one of my favorite skin care lines, so I know this eye cream won’t disappoint. It has arnica to help reduce dark circles and puffiness, and it also contains wheat proteins and peptides which helps to firm a lift orbital area.

At night time, I’ll still be using my Glycelene “eye repair oil”, which helps to depuff, decongest, brighten and lift the eye area. This one is one of my eye products I’ve tried. Even though its an oil, It still absorbs nicely into the skin.

I recieved the Strivectin “pore refiner” from ifabbo recently to test and review so I’ll be starting that product tonight. It claims to to provide both instant and long term results in minimizing the appearance of pores so I’ll be keeping a close eye on my forehead and nose for the next month to see if this product is working.

Along with the pore refiner, I also got a shampoo and conditioner from Keranique. The scalp stimulating shampoo revitalizes your hair to help improve the strength and resilaince and luster of thinning hair. The volumizing conditioner is designed to thicken and volume thin, fine hair, without weighing it down. As someone with fine, thin hair, these products will be a big benefit for me.

And finally being introduced into my skin care routine, Is the Mia 1 Clarasonic device! Something I’ve been wanting to buy, and I finally got one for myself. It helps to declean your face, getting rid of all the makeup and dirt that your hands alone can’t slough off, which helps your skin care products sink deeper into the skin, making them work more effiencently. I plan on using it every other day with the sensitive head,


 So those are the only new things I’m adding, Check back in the few weeks to see how everything turned out.

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