Lush – face masks. 

So tonight is my first night trying out Lush products. I rarely go to the Westfield Topanga mall, so I’ve never been inside a Lush store. Tonight I decided to go to Westfield Sherman Oaks, and as I was walking back towards Macy’s, I noticed a Lush store. I went straight in and got a little overwhelmed. They had more products than I imagined. The store is adorable and nicely organized. Since I don’t take baths, I couldn’t try out their famous bath bombs, but I’ve heard great feedback on their masks so I went to go test a couple out. One store associate gave me a sample of a detoxifying mask called “mask of magnaminty”, that caught my interest when she said it contained peppermint. The sample is enough for at least two applications. I then went over to the mask bar, where you can feel and sample several types. I asked the advisor to pick one out for me to sample and we agreed on the “roses cheeks” for radiance. This one caught me interest because of its pink hue. While standing at the bar, I looked to down and saw little toner tabs that you drop in boiling water to steam the face. I decided to purchase both of them.  I’ll do a separate post on that soon. 

I ended up having just enough “rosey cheeks to cover my cheeks and upper lip. One my forehead, nose and chin, I put the “mask of magnaminty” because that’s where I break out the most. 

After they tried I ran a towel under hot water and pressed it on my face a few times. Each time wetting the towel a little bit more. This helped to break up the masks since they dry like a clay and take it off without irritating your skin. After I dried my face it felt incredibly smooth and bright. Not tightness what so ever. I was really impressed. I spray a Seatox most from Glycelene to close my pores and used some hydrating skin care to keep the moisture locked. 

My first impression on the masks were awesome. I will definitely be heading back to the store to purchase one. But since they are all natural and have a shelf life of about two weeks, I’ll be getting the smallest one. 

Have you tried Lush? What’s your favorite product from there? 

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