PMD – Personal Microdermabrasion Device review. 

As we get older, we start to produce less oil, resulting in flaky, uneven skin tone and see signs of fine lines around the eyes and lips. If you suffered from acne, you probably have some left over scarring that never went away. If you deal with any of these problems,  Microdermabrasion could right up your alley. Usually done in a doctors office, this procedure that be costly and time consuming, as you would have to go once of a month for best results. But now, thanks to PMD, you can get similar results in the comfort of your own home.

This kit comes with three different heads, including one for sensitive skin, medium for normal skin, and coarse for thick skin. If you’re not sure which one you fall under, start off with the white sensitive one and move up after a few weeks.

Make sure that when you’re going over a section of the face, not to go over it twice and to hold the skin back, to create some tension while the vacuum like suction is removing the top layer of skin, which is mostly dead.

Removing the dead skin means makeup will lay smoother and skin care products can penetrate deeper, making it work more effiecently. After a few months, your pores will look smaller, your skin tone will be brighter and more evened out, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced. It also helps to clear up acne scars.

Check out their website for more styles and products, but if you’re new to devices like this, make sure you start with the original and work your way up in a couple years.

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