Bdellium foundation brushes review 

How cute are these makeup brushes! I got this four pack as a Christmas gift last year from Naimie’s and have added them to my personal collection for at home use.

They are the perfect size for traveling and are great for personal use, as well as professional use and are great starter tools for anyone going to makeup school. They are high quality and do not shed, or wear off after deep cleansing.


The brushes were:

Duo Fiber large brush: perfect for an airbrushed finish. Tap makeup all over the face before blending. Makeup will be even and smoother. It also came with a thinner version for those hard to reach places including around the nose. Perfect with HD and liquid foundations.

The flat foundation brush is perfect for a full coverage, smooth look. Because its shaped like a paintbrush, always swipe down with this so makeup is laying in the same direction. If it’s not, that’s when makeup looks cakey and uneven.

And my favorite brush would be the Kabuki brush! Great with all types of foundations and creates a skin like finish, and can add layers without looking piled on. I place the foundation straight on the brush, tap is all over my face getting every spot, and then blending in small circular motions. Wait until completely dry to add another layer.

While I don’t think these specific brushes are for sale, all their brushes are amazing quality and I have a lot more in my personal collection. Check out all their styles on their website or at Naimie’s Beauty Center

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