Morphe brushes haul and review

So this is about a couple months late, but I went to Morphe Brushes for the first time, this year. I rarely go to Burbank so when I decided to make a quick trip to ikea, I stopped at Morphe to grab a few brushes to try out.

Location is easy to find even though the store is actually really small. Even with its compact size, the store didn’t seem crowded, even though there was a film crew, staff and a few customers in it. I walked by each section a few times, to look and feel all the brushes. They have a great selection. A little overwhelming, but fun to look at. I ended up grabbing around 10 brushes, but because I don’t do makeup professionally, and haven’t tried these brushes before, I decided to just start out with four, and see how it goes from there.

I decided to go against signing up for the pro discount (that I am able to get as a hairstylist) because I won’t be shopping there too often. I work at a makeup store, so brushes are easy to get.

My first one is  a duo sided brush (#M214) – It picks up a lot of pigment, but is a wider than I’m used to, so I only use it when I’m covering up my whole lid.

Next is a Flat Detail Liner (#M559). It works perfectly for tight lining  with my Stila “ink liner” .

This ended up being my favorite brush of the four, the Flat Contour Brush(#M460). A great contour brush for cream formulas. It created the perfect size time. Sadly, When I went to clean it, the top came off the of wood bottom. I ended up throwing it away, because no one responded to my messages and I don’t have time to get to their store.

Out of all the brushes, this is the one I use all the time to apply my concealer, The Deluxe brush (#AS9). I don’t use the small tip, Just the big side for my under eyes. The brush is really dense, so don’t use a lot of product.

Overall, I’m a fan of Morphe brushes, and next time I head to Burbank, I’ll be stopping by to try a few other ones. The quality is really good, at a fraction of a price than other brands. Great for starters of beginners. Check them out online of visit their shop!


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