Chapped Lips Remedy

With the arrival of colder weather comes drier skin. A lot more moisturizers will be used, and I’ll soon be posting about my favorite ones. There’s one area on our body that we forget to moisturize, and its the one area that needs it the most. That is the lips. Besides the eyes, your lips age the quickest, and if you’re anything like me, you forget to treat it like the rest of your face, and you end up with extremely dry lips that even the most hydrating lip balms can’t fix.

I’ve always had dry lips, but I never paid attention to it because I never wore lipstick. Since I started working at Naimie’s, I’ve had access to hundreds of lip products, a majority of them being liquid matte formulas, which itself, can be very drying, no matter the brand.

Add already dry lips to a drying matte lipstick, and you a pair of lips in need of some S.O.S. Taking care of your lips and keeping them soft and smooth is fairly easy. What you have to remember though, is that lip balm alone won’t do the trick. Just like your face, you need to exfoliate your dried out top layer to help with reveal new skin. You can do this by simply scrubbing with a clean toothbrush after brushing. This does the trick for me, but can also be a little rough.

Besides making my own (which I will post this weekend), I’ve found that the Sara Happ “The Lip Scrub” works great at getting rid of all the dead skin, without causing any irritation. A little bit goes a long way, so with proper storage, this product will last you at least six months up to a year. I apply it directly on dry skin, but you can use it after wetting your lips and it won’t interfere with the sugar crystals.

After I rinse off and dry my lips, I apply Glycelene’s “Lip Remedy” all over, making sure to get outside the lines.   This organic and vegan lip balm is filled with essential oils such as peppermint, kalahari melon, pink grapefruit, Sea buckhorn, Rosehip and Rose wax. All of which are essential in repairing and nourishing. I love using this at night, because I wake up to baby soft lips.

I use the lip remedy every night but keep the exfoliating to a limit of 1-2 times a week as over exfoliating and irritate and tear the skin, making it harder to heal.


What’s your favorite lip care product? How do you keep your lips soft all year round?

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