I’m sure I’ve mentioned this many times before, but I am obsessed with eye creams. I wear it every day, and when I don’t forget, every night also. And once you start using one, you start to notice a huge difference in your eyes. Whenever I get lazy and decide not to use one, My eyes look extra dehydrated and saggy. Thanks to my work, I’m not lacking in the selection department.

I was recently given a chance to try out a new eye cream from Solvaderm and was very excited to add such a great product to my skin care collection. I used it every night after washing my face. The cream was not sticky, and absorbed nicely into my skin. A little bit goes a long way, so you get what you pay for. I instantly noticed how hydrated my under eyes became and my fine lines were barely noticeable. When I woke up, I looked refreshed and my dark circles were no longer visible. I have yet to use it in the day time, but I have a feeling this would work perfectly under makeup, but remember, a little bit goes a long way.

If your interested in trying out EYEVAGE for yourself, CLICK HERE to grab a bottle of your own.

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