Stick with it Palette -review

I love my Stick With It Palette. Even though I don’t do makeup professionally, I have a lot of it laying around thanks to my job. I tried to stay away from refill products, because I didn’t have anything to place it in. I lagged on buying a palette, but was finally given one by the awesome owner of Stick With It Palette. I finally found a home for my Cover Fx items and my various refill eye shadows. 

The patented strip is also able to hold other surfaces including steel tweezers, which I always misplace! And eyeliners, for easy viewing. Cleaning is a cinch! Just soap and water or alcohol will remove any surface debris. 

Sold now at Naimies! Need more information? Go ahead and ask me! 

3 thoughts on “Stick with it Palette -review

  1. This looks just like the Uni-palette. Only this is black and the Uni-palette comes in a few pretty colors from black, white, green, pink to even purple. I really like this type of palette though. How much does this one cost? I think the Uni-palette is a little more expensive than the Z-palette. Although, it is much more sturdy, not as much fits in it. It’s a great concept, it just should be bigger. Don’t you think? Great post! 😉


  2. this looks great! I should really get one… i’m ending up with too many loose products 😉
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


  3. I love my Stick With It Palette! It’s perfect for travel and bringing a small selection of makeup with me to college (space is very limited). I really want to buy a second one!


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