Noriko – cleansing oil 

What do you use to remove your makeup at the end of the day? Do you use a face wipe? Cleansing oil? Micellar Water? Just your face wash? If you don’t use a pre cleanser to start your routine with, your cleansing could be going to waste, as it’s not able to do what it’s fully  capable of due to build up caused by makeup and dirt/grease from throughout the day. 

I always use an oil to take off my makeup, but not just any oil, I use Noriko’s cleaning oil. It has no artificial ingredients and no added fragrances. It’s pretty much the only oil that doesn’t irritate my eyes, (side note: my eyes are very very sensitive, they will become red and irritated if I use the wrong product), and doesn’t leave any trace of residue on my skin. None. Not even my waterproof eyeliner pencil. 

How to use: do not wet your face! One pump on the palm of yours hands, rub in circular motions all over the face to breakdown makeup, and don’t forget your eyes and lips! Wet hands and emulsify the product, then rinse off with water. You could use your other cleanser right after or just let the leftover oil nourish your skin. 

Can be found at Naimies Beauty Center. 

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