Anastasia Beverly Hills – lipgloss review 

Ever since I started wearing make up as a teenager, I could never get used to the sticky gross feeling that is lipgloss on my lips. I try to avoid it at every cost possible, and it wasn’t so hard since liquid matte lipsticks made a huge impact in the makeup world. I fell in love with the way they dried and how they stayed put all day. That was before I was introduced to the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip glosses. I ended up getting two colors from a training I had at work. I tried them on At home and wore them while I would do my errands. 
When my lips pressed together, I didn’t feel the gloss. They were sticky and I didn’t have product ball up on the corners. They didn’t bleed once for lose its staying power. Hours later, they were still fully enact and pigmented. I’ve never been so impressed by a lipgloss before. These have definitely made it on my favorite lip list. 

What’s your favorite brand of lipglosses? 

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