Trader Joes – hemp protein powder 

If you have a sensitive stomach, or Irritable bowel syndrome, you will know that way protein doesn’t settle well in the stomach like it would for others. After A few sips, my stomach will become uncomfortable, and that affect would last through the day. I’ve tried a few different powder proteins and I’ve found that the Hemp Protein from Trader Joes works the best at keeping me full for a couple hours, without causing a stomach ache. I’ll drink it after a workout, sometimes before, and before work when I’m trying not to have caffeine. 
Most people will get turned off, because of its very earthy aftertaste. But I’ve found a very tasty combo to mask it. 
1 cup Almond milk (sweetened with vanilla)

4 tbsp Hemp protein powder

1 banana 

Handful of ice
Mixed in a nutribullet. That’s it. 
The powder also comes in vanilla, but I’ve never tried it. What’s your favorite protein powder? 

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