Cleansing Waters – review

Cleansing waters can be a great alternative to your harsh cleanse phase cleansers, or a great addition to your skin care regimen. But just like other products, not all waters are created equally.
The way I find out if a cleansing water is worth the price, is to pay attention to how my eyes react after a quick swipe. My eyes are very sensitive. If I wear the wrong eyeliner or mascara, my eyes immediately begin to water and become read. Because I work in a high-end beauty supply store that caters to professionals, I have access to some of the Best make up lines, that use less ingredients and are hypoallergenic.
I currently have four cleansing waters. Three higher end and one from a drug store. Three of these waters are gentle enough to cleanse my eye area, and still effective enough to remove the rest of my makeup.    Even though the Simple “micellar” water made my eyes burn immediately after my swipe, it got rid of the rest of my face makeup. I don’t recommend using this product to take off Matt lipsticks. You will have to use a lot of water, causing you to waste product. If you don’t own a cleansing oil, or another effective cleansing water, you can use all of oil/coconut oil/any other cooking oil to take off your lipsticks.

  The Rodial “dragons blood” cleansing water contains dragons blood extract, which is great for sensitive skin, as it soothing and calms down redness. Worked great at getting rid of waterproof eyeliner and mascara (which is a major pain, I always get residue on my lower lash line). If I do still have any residue left, I pump a little bit on a q tip instead of a cotton pad and swipe it on across my lower waterline. No eye irritation and it is strong enough to break down matte lip products. 

Another great soothing cleansing water is Glycelene’s “cucumber cleansing water” that uses cucumber instead of dragons blood to help calm down sensitive or irritated skin, while effectively removing all makeup, including matte lip formulas.

*ADDED BONUS: Refresh your eyes! Pump a bunch of water on cotton pads and rest on your eyelids while you’re doing an at home mask.

My Klorane cleaning water has soothing cornflower, which is also great for sensitive skin. It’s a great all over makeup remover, but since its hypoallergenic and I have a travel size bottle, I use it only to get rid residue left on my waterline with a q tip
So if you’re in the market to add a cleansing water to your routine, look for these key words: hypoallergenic, and sensitive skin. These will cause the least sensitivity, but still efficiently remove your makeup.

What’s your favorite cleansing water? Which one are you most interested in trying out?

One thought on “Cleansing Waters – review

  1. I have the same problem with cleansing waters: some of them make my eyes itchy. The Garnier one was my favorite, but after continuously using it my under-eye area started hurting whenever I was using it. I’m currently trying out the Bioderma one, but even though it’s very mild and my eyes are ok, it’s not that strong in removing all makeup and if I wear something waterproof it can’t keep up.


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