IMpress “press on” gel manicure kit review. 

Nail art has become a fast growing trend in the last few years, but let’s be honest, who can’t afford to get their nails done once or twice a month. Not only can I get expensive, but your nails grow fast enough where you’ll need to upkeep them within a couple weeks.with imPRESS “press on” manicure, you can get that “just got my gel manicure” look quickly in the privacy of your own home. I was given the opportunity to try out a couple packs, and I was fairly impressed at the staying power considering I wash my hands a lot. Application was extremely easy. All you need to do is prep your nails with the prep class included with in the packet. Once they are dry choose the size for the desired finger, remove the backing, and starting at the cuticle press firmly to adhere. Keep applying pressure for at least 30 minutes and do not put your hands in the water. Once completely set, Nails should be able to last for at least a week. My set were able to stay on for at least four days. Just a couple of them were becoming loose which was pretty impressive considering I use my hands and wash them a lot throughout the day. I highly suggest these press on nails to anyone with a busy lifethio doesn’t have time or money to go get their nails done on a regular basis.

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