OxyRub pain relief cream review

When you think of pain relief, you usually think of medication, in the form of pills. Lotion isn’t usually come to mind, until you get a chance to try one, then you become a believer.

I was given the chance to try out a bottle of OxyRub lotion for an unbiased review.

I am someone who enjoys working out, but lately I haven’t been keeping up with being as consistent as I used too. This means my muscles have to constantly repair itself because of the large space in between workouts. My favorite cardio workout is Rollerblading, which uses a lot of muscles, Mostly in my lower back and upper legs because I’m in a constant squatting position.

I tried OxyRub a day after a skating session on my legs and lower back, and what a feeling! The menthol in it instantly loosens the muscles and helps the blood to start circulating. I felt more relaxed and happy partly due to the fact that the smell reminded me of my childhood. I used it every day for the next week to help keep my muscles from tightening and it made my new workouts easier on the legs.

Conclusion: This product is here to stay. It does its job and it does it very well!

Want to try it out for yourself? Get 20% off your first bottle with the code: SAVEOXY2 . CLICK HERE to purchase.

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