Radha Beauty – Argan Oil

The last week I’ve had a chance to try out some Argan Oil from Radha Beauty and was surprised at what a great product it was. I used it on my face at night and it didn’t leave him feeling oily or greasy. My skin felt amazing in the morning and very hydrated. All my dry skin was gone and there was no traces of the oil anywhere on my face. Because I have fine hair, I don’t like to use a lot of product when I style it, so I used this oil when I was planning on wearing it naturally. It helped with my frizz and made my hair soft and shiny without weighing it down too much. Another thing I was surprised with it is that it didn’t feel like I had an oil in my hair. A little bit goes a long way! Someone with naturally thick hair would benefit greatly from this product. It will also protect your hair from heat and help reduce drying time. You can also use this on your cuticles to keep them soft and mix it with your favorite body lotion to keep your body nicely hydrated. All in all, I loved this product and would purchase it again when my bottle is done. CLICK HERE for my information and to purchase your own bottle.

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