Tiny Teatox Day 3

your tea tiny teatoxI want to start off by saying I am not really going by the instructions and drinking the tea three times a day. I started off with two the first two days and today I had three. Yesterday I woke up full of energy and ended up using it at the gym, doing thirty minutes of cycling and sitting in the sauna for ten minutes. I never wake up energetic. Usually have to take a pre-workout or drink coffee, and if I didn’t, I would be foggy all day and get a headache by night. I had similar results this morning too, but my legs were super sore from yesterday, so I didn’t make it to the gym. My only problem is eating fruit (strawberries and blackberries) because they have caused a lot of discomfort. So I will be cutting out those fruits for now.

3 thoughts on “Tiny Teatox Day 3

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