Your Tea “Tiny Teatox” Review: Day 1

your teaI got my Tiny Teatox in the mail today. I had Panda Express last night (big mistake) so I wanted to start right away.

Went to the gym this morning and did 30 minutes cycling, 4 sets of 15 squats at 50lbs. 3 sets of 15 Rows at 40lbs, 3 sets up 10 dips and I sat in the sauna for five minutes.

Came home and made Greek Lentil Soup. While that was cooking I drank my first Tiny Tea, had my soup 30 minutes later, didn’t get an upset stomach but I did feel and hear some movement. Had another cup three hours later and had some more soup, no upset stomach after. A couple of  hours later I had a little bit of chicken and sweet potato with carrots I made in the crock pot.

I’m pretty hungry right now but its 9:30 and I don’t want to feel heavy before I go to sleep, I’ve been going to the BR a lot more from all the liquids I’ve been consuming and only had a tiny headache. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

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