Your Tea “Tiny Teatox”

I decided to give myself a little break from working out over the holidays, but sadly this habit is continuing way into February. I’ve only been working out two times a week now and overall diet has been a mess. Going to push myself back into fitness and nutrition this month, and to help me I ordered a 28 day teatox from Your Tea. I’m sharing the box with my cousin so I will only be doing it for 14 days. I’ve been reading up on it since November, forgot how I found them on instagram though. I have been googling reviews and reading feedback, and when they finally stocked up the US store I bought a box. I am hoping it helps with a few things, my bloating, my stomach issues, and my energy. I will be blogging my progress which will include clean eating and working out regularly again. I even bought the ebook and what I got from it was, eat hot food. So I’m going to be making different soups, which will help keep me full and hydrated. Can’t wait to being. Box should arrive sometime this week.

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