Friday and Saturday Workout

Friday morning I attended a Boxing Bootcamp at another gym I joined. One of my favorite boxing classes. After that was finished I drove over to 24 hour fitness and ran/power walked two miles on the treadmill. I had amazing energy the entire day. The 3-4 minute sprints in between the power walking really gets my heart going and shocks my body, which I need because I have gotten so used to my workouts. Before my workout I had my morning fuel, for lunch  I had avocado, chicken breast, olives and quinoa salad I bought at Ralphs. Met with someone later and had a couple beers. Needed a little treat 😉

This morning I had my morning fuel, went to the gym and just did 3 miles on the treadmill (run/power walk). For lunch my cousin and I went to Fridays and I had a pomegranate mojito with the Jack Daniels chicken and shrimp (took the fried part off the shrimp) with sweet potato fries and a mozzarella tomato salad. Saved the other half for dinner. After watching Nightmare before Christmas we went to the park and played Frisbee. That wore me out for the night. Got a little bit of a workout.

Tomorrow is my cheat day but since I ate out today and had 3 drinks this weekend, I don’t want to eat anything too heavy that will effect my workout on Monday. Probably just make it a drink from Starbucks and cook some chicken at home. Going to look up recipes.

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