October 15

Breakfast this morning was Sprouted Bread Slice and thin layer or Sunbutter.

Went to the Gym and did 5 minutes on the stair master. Then I did intervals of power walking and running on the treadmill for 3.5miles. It was a little bit easier than yesterday. I did have shin pain almost the entire time so I only ran around 3-4 minutes between power walking. Might need to take tomorrow off to let my shins relax.

Had a iced vanilla coffee to help with studying and my protein shake.

lunch and dinner was chicken breast, yellow squash and avocado. Then had a mango for dessert.

I also finished Section 1 of my Nutrition Course.  One more section to go 🙂

Today was the day I realized I need to stop attempting to cook meat. So my Crock Pot is going to become my new best friend. I decided to make some simple shredded chicken for the next couple day, just put two chicken breasts in with water, placed on high for 4 hours.

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