Regretting my Cheat Day

Since I decided to start a new nutrition plan recently, Going along basically with what I’m studying, I figured I would make my cheat day on Sunday and eat what I wanted since I’ll be eating very clean Mon-Sat. I decided to first get half a sandwich and soup for lunch and a pizza for dinner. Of course I felt sick afterwards but I always just deal with it. I give in to my cravings when I have them so I don’t go bingeing later on (which happens all the time). Problem is, my cravings usually involve foods I can’t have (Dairy and refined sugars) Dairy because I’m lactose intolerant and allergic to eggs, basically my whole life. I also have a major sweet tooth, which gets in the way of my performance and makes it harder to lose weight.

This morning when I woke up I knew the first thing I wanted to do was run on the treadmill. I didn’t think my binge from last night was going to affect me that much (I jogged two miles non stop on Saturday so I figured I could do it again). Well I was wrong. I felt extremely heavy the whole time, especially in my legs (probably inflammation) and I didn’t have energy (even though I had my morning fuel). I ended up doing intervals of power walking and jogging for 3 miles. Did my regular squats and sit ups plus Russian twists and two 1min planks. It was after my workout session did I finally realize just how much all these bad foods were seriously effecting my body inside and out. It also doesn’t help that I recently finished reading about food affects our cells.

Back to eating healthy today. Going to cut my Carb intake this week (I bought healthy carbs last week to increase my energy and cure my headaches but I think I may have been eating too much of it throughout the day.) Cutting Carbs and increasing your healthy fat intake is the key to losing fat (along with exercise! so says my Course), so I’m going to experiment with that, plus keep up with this whole running thing.

Right now I’m enjoying my protein shake which I decided to switch up a bit.

Hemp Milk (instead of almond) , 1teaspoon SunButter, 1/2 banana (instead of the whole), and my hemp protein powder along with ice. taste a lot more earthy instead of sugary. liking it.

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