Fitness Nutrition Course

Fitness NutritionSo I recently decided to take a little break from Hair Styling and focus on something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, Which was take a Nutrition Course. I’ve been working out regularly for around 18 months, and while I am able to push myself to the gym almost every day, I have a hard time staying on track with a healthy diet plan, which has put my weight loss on hold. I purchased the course through ISSA one the first this month and the material is already starting to have an impact on my personal health. After readying the importance Carbs and Healthy Fats were for everyday function I decided to add more to my diet. I’m staying fuller for longer and my workouts are more fueled. As I’m reading through the course I will be become my first client and change the way I eat and learn what I have to, to help guide other people into a healthier lifestyle.

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