ASICS GEL Running Shoes

Asics gel running shoeI never used to run. Ever. Every time I tried my shins would end up hurting and I would lose my breath within seconds. So I never attempted. Even when I started working out I never ran. My Cardio would be Elliptical or Stair Master with the occasional power walk on the tredmill. But even power walking would cause shin splits, but the more I did it the less it would hurt. It wasn’t until recently that I realized maybe I didn’t have the right equipment. Because I never ran I never thought to buy a pair running shoes because I didn’t think it would make a difference in what I was doing on a regular basis. I heard from girls in the sauna talk about getting a pair of ASICS because they provide extra padding. So I went online and purchased a pair. A kids pair. Yes I fit in kids sneakers and I always buy them because they’re cheaper and fit better. Once they arrived I took them for a test jog around my neighborhood, and I was able to jog in between power walks without any pain. The next day I had less pain and jogged a little longer. They took a couple days to break in and my left ankle got  a little sore from the sudden stress. (that’s how little I would jog).. Today I went to the gym and and did my routine which I listed in the post below, and for the first time ever I jogged five minutes straight without stopping or losing my breath. All the while my ankle was still sore (I have it wrapped up right now). Not until today did I realize just how much a pair of shoes and the right fuel before can make a difference in your routine. I wake up now and want to jog. But I can’t in the meantime till my ankle heals 😦

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