‘Simply Smooth’ Color Lock Keratin Treatment

I picked up a sample of the Simply Smooth Color Lock Keratin Treatment at my local professional beauty retailer and decided to give it a try first on myself. I blow dry my hair everyday and also years of highlighting has left my fine textured hair looking friend and dull. I decided earlier this year that I would stop lightening my hair and for the past 6 months I’ve been only touching my regrowth with permanent color and using a conditioning toner for all over to even out the color.

The product is basically part Clear Gloss after color Glaze which seals in hair color and creates beautiful shine and part Keratin Treatment, which reduces frizz, enhances strength and seals split end for around 4-6 weeks.

I did the procedure as if I would be doing it on a regular all over color client. I clarified my hair as instructed to get rid of any build up, oils, and my previous toner I had only done a week ago. I towel dried my hair to remove excess moisture and applied my Neutral toner from roots to ends and let it process for the recommended time. I rinsed the color till the water ran clear, applied my product, dried my hair completely and then ran my flat-iron to seal it in.

My Hair looks great of course and I’ll be keeping track of it for the next month. I’ve been hustling at the gym recently and sometimes end up washing 2x’s a day which is pretty bad for my hair type and washes out my color faster than it should. So I’m hoping this product does what it claims to do because I believe it can be a great add-on to my color services. I will be posting more pictures soon.

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