Birchbox Update

I got an e-mail a couple of days ago from Birchbox saying a few people have received expired Befine products and to check and see if yours is expired. If it was you had to do a little survey and received 1o0 Birchbox points. I checked mine out and they expired in 07/2009. 07/2009??!!! That’s three years ago. From my previous post I wrote how unhappy I was with my April box and this was just icing on the cake. If I don’t receive a good box next month I’m going to cancel my subscription (and I’m hoping that it is because it’s a Gossip Girl sponsored box). As a Licensed Cosmetologist I can get half of these samples that are in my box for free if I asked, but I have gotten some good items in the past so I’m not all that mad. I filled out the survey on the website, wrote a tweet and I plan on writing the company an e-mail just to let me know how I feel. I haven’t gotten my 100 points deposited into my account yet but to be honest. I don’t plan on purchasing anything from the site anytime soon. I’ll keep you updated.

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